Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ravishing Noong lake

About 15km far away from Ha Giang City, Noong Lake is a natural lake with wild scenery, the stream flows along green Noong mountain foot. In addition to romantic landscape, coming to Noong lake, visitors can explore the lives, customs and habits of ethnic people Tay, Mong, Dao.
From Ha Giang province,you have to  pass through forests, mountain villages of Tay, Dao, Mong people then will reach Noong lake that is under Phu Linh commune, Vi Xuyen district. Noong lake is situated on mountain range of Tay Con Linh with an area of over 20 ha ( dry season), about 80 ha ( rainy season) and surrounded by limestone mountains, mountain and primitive forest covered extensively over 700 ha.

Local people in Noong 1 and Noong 2 village ( Phu Linh communue) always consider Noong lake as “ eye of forest”. The reason for this special name is smooth and silent Noong lake situated in the heart of four sides of forest.

Kids catching crabs and snails on Noong lake
In rainy season, the water lake rises, visitors can wander with local people on canoe or rafts floating on lake.
Simple life of local people living around the lake
In dry season, local people raise ducks on lake

In rainy season, many households often use a corner of the lake to raisie fish 

Here, visitors have the feeling of being lost in a fairy world and surprise with charm and picturesque scenery:  in early morning, mist is everywhere and the surface of lake covered with golden sunshine and when sun sets, sunshine is through the top of forest. When viewing those, all your trouble or sorrows seems to disappear and fell more comfortable.

Noong lake has 2 seasons also creating two different feelings. In the rainy season, the water lake rises, visitors can wander with local people here on canoe or rafts floating on lake surface.

In the dry season, when the water recedes, local people raise ducks on the lake, shimmering lake surface with the shadow of old trees. This scene will offer visitors opportunity to feel about a peaceful  countryside.